Snow (BALUT007)

by Bunny on Acid



Bunny On Acid (Izik Finley) is a 25 years old DJ/Producer from Jerusalem. He started his musical path at the age of 15, playing bass guitar in several local acts, and later stinting as a computer games music producer. Though he was already playing around with a bit of D’n'B productions for a while, it was only a after a revelatory visit to DMZ at Brixton’s Mass, that Izik created the Bunny On Acid moniker, influenced by the dubstep movement and the FlyLo-like fringes of the hip-hop world.

Locked in the studio while not DJing alongside his Red Eye Familia crew, Bunny on Acid is now focusing on his debut album, influenced by 2-Step, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and the latest Garage mutations – trying to expand on those, taking them into further spaces in & outside the club scenario.

“Snow”, the debut single by BOA, is a startling showcase of his talent. A lush and atmospheric dubstep piece – washes of emotive and poignant pads set against quivering, insisting beats, with a bottom end that holds it all together and makes the inner bits of your stomach bubble up.

The B Side, “Unknown”, takes a further leap into the, well, unknown. Fractures of vocals, synth sweeps and beats are breaking on to the ear, and then reversing like digital ocean waves, creating new rhythms and textures while sounding like the bastard son of Hud Mo & Strakey during a night-swim in the Atlantic.

“Snow” b/w “Unknown” is just the tip of the Bunny iceberg, taken from an ever evolving flow of tracks he’s churning out of the studio on a weekly basis. Def more to come.
(Cover designed by Heela Harel)

“Another two excellent tracks mate. Botanika is on fire, keep them coming.”
DK, Ninja Tune/Solid Steel

“Liking Unknown.”
Rob Luis, Tru Thoughts

“Snow is Material Fire!! two great tracks that compliment todays ever growing scene of producers making unnamed regions of atmospheric music which meets & blends between genre’s”
Jay Scarlett, Beat Dimension

“i really like it mate… both sounding sick”
Alex Nut, Eglo/All Young Kings


released September 13, 2010



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