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Polar Pair, aka Malkiel Grossman & Nadav Ravid, have been making music together for almost twenty years. It took the world about the same time to catch up with their vision. It's impossible to box Polar Pair's music into one neat definition; The gamut is simply too wide.

The music oscillates from throbbing dance-floor tracks to R'n'B ballads, primal post-punk to cutting-edge bass music, hip-hop to disco, catchy pop to experimental beats. These influences can sometimes be easily spotted and sometimes they're blended together, as if that was their purpose all along.

Malkiel and Nadav have been meeting religiously at their Polar Pair studios for years, banging heads and letting off pent up, notoriously muggy Tel-Aviv steam, churning out banger after banger. Some of these were released hot-off- the-press, straight to their tumblr, while the rest - the gems, the jewels, the Ferran Adriàs of bangers - culminated in this album.

Born with the original working title "Every Song is Different", the album relishes in living up to this: it swings between entire genres, colours, gender-roles and moods, varying deliciously in tone and atmosphere; It nails pastiches to the past and takes bold stabs at defining the future, layering familiar, comforting voices with bright, unheard ones. These may all seem like symptoms of bi-polar disorder, but they are the unlikely ingredients that make up the new Polar Pair album.


released October 1, 2012

All songs written by Malkiel Grossman & Nadav Ravid

Hope you Know M. Grossman / N. Ravid / M. Amador
Indifference M. Grossman / N. Ravid / J. Laimon
Be Gone M. Grossman / N. Ravid / E. Glass
Wake Me Up Shake Me Up & Not Real M. Grossman / N. Ravid / T. Klein

All sounds and instruments by Polar Pair, except:
Bass Guitar on Sing it 1nce and Ever Happy by Oren Laor
Vocals on Ever Happy by Shawn Lee, Recorded By Andrew Thornton; on Stars by Anat Spigel; on Not Real & Wake Me Up Shake Up by Talisman; on Fantasy Love by Itai Freed; on Hope You Know by Michelle Amador; on Indifference by Josef Laimon; on Let’s Go by Onili; Vocals on Sing it 1nce by Heela Harel; on Be Gone, CryX3 by Eyal Glass; on This is What Happens by Cornelius “Atlantis”Harris (UR)

All songs mixed by Polar Pair

Fantasy Love, mixed by Ronen Roth
Ever Happy, mixed by Simon Vinestock

Mastered by Yoad Nevo @ Nevo Sound Studios, London 2011

Booklet designed by Tubi
Cover designed by Heela Harel || helloheela.tumblr.com
Cover image by Germanex || germanex.deviantart.com

Thank you:
Amir Egozy, Brothers Johnson, Bunny On Acid, Cornelius Harris, Deep Sea Creatures, Deft, DK, Eli Petel, Eylon Tirosh, Feel My Bicep, Heela Harel, Idit Frenkel, Jay Scarlett, Jon Tye, Juju & Jordash, Liat Bergman, Niv Hadas, Oren Laor, Paul Noble, Quami, Rob Luis, Sabbo, Shimmy Sonic, Side Brain, Sinden, Tubi, Wrongg, Yoad Nevo, Zed Bias



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